Can you spot the beacon

We are excited about our partnership with Rouse Malls. Rouse Malls is a nationwide premium mall owner and operator with over 23.4 million square feet of mall space. We have worked with them over the last few weeks to install our beacons throughout all of their malls. Each mall has a suite of beacons, both low powered and high powered, which cover all areas in the mall.

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Rouse is a leader in the interactive mall space and using technology to improve customers mall experiences and the sales of their tenants. For Rouse, we were a perfect partner in the push for creating a more engaging shopper experience through proximity marketing. For both 3rd party apps and the coming Rouse app, the ability to localize and initiate dialog with a user in different sections of their malls is both powerful and lucrative. A clothing brand sends a notification when you are in front of JC Penney. Or a coupon app presents coupons for nearby retailers. The ability to engage with the customer and guide them through their mall visit is of great interest to a number of Rouse’s partners and to their visitors .

Can You Spot The Beacon

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Can you spot the beacon? One of the things we have learned over the past two years is that beacon enclosure is important. And its not important that it be beautiful and shiny. Its important that it meet required Standards from the building department or have standard attachment points for alternate and secure building setup. We could and should do a whole post on just the different colors that are specified and required for certain installations!!! One of the things they never tell you about the Internet of Things, is that “Things” are regulated. “Things” have to look a certain way and “Things” have to be installed.

Opportunity For Apps

The beacons are up, whats next? Over the coming month we will be announcing 3rd party shopping applications which have integrated the Sonic Notify SDK and will begin consuming the beacon signals. Content will range from coupons to advertising to informative content. We are even working with a Shopping Scavenger Hunt Game!

If you are interested in becoming a partner, reach out to

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