Signal360 and Ecods Creative Technology Blaze Proximity Marketing Path in Europe

RAI Advertising Movie Theaters, Small Business Shops, and OVS Fashion Retailer deploying

In a significant international campaign, Signal360 announces today that, in Italy alone, it is deploying the Signal360 proximity marketing platform to over 1000 locations. Signal360 is deploying alongside its trusted and exclusive partner across a number of European countries, the digital hub Ecods; a partnership rooted in deep digital marketing and technical expertise. The platform is being deployed across a variety of verticals from all RAI Advertising movie theater locations, to small retailers through the Proxee program, and lastly through OVS retail locations, a fashion retailer with more than 500 shops.
Ecods has developed and released Proxee as a proximity deals and information application for consumers. Users with the Proxee application receive notifications and offers as they visit local shops and stores. Proxee also delivers content and offers at larger retail locations. In participation with RAI Advertising Cinemas in Italy, users of the application and other applications can receive showtime information, offers and promotions for merchandise.
At OVS stores, users with the OVS iPhone and Android application receive hyper local proximity offers and information as they traverse the store. In addition, using the advanced Signal360 platform, the application drives nearby potential shoppers into the store, and builds upon past data to deliver contextual and specific content with possibility to redeem at POS directly from smartphones. All content is updated and changed dynamically in the Signal360 CMS platform.
After Apple released the iBeacon technology standard over a year ago, it was met with a wave of enthusiasm, but limited use cases. While simple use cases are easily implemented, to implement at scale or for an enterprise, the physical beacon is just the beginning of the process. Signal360 makes Proximity Marketing implementation easy for enterprises with its turnkey platform of beacons, SDK and CMS. Signal360 and Ecods present an economical solution that provides all the pieces of an “end to end” solution. "We believe that Proximity Marketing can help us improve the performance of the communication while customers are out of store and even more importantly, while in-store. The platform is giving us the possibility to establish a one to one dialogue that improves the customer experience to each OVS customer,” says Monica Gagliardi OVS Head of E-Commerce.
About Ecods
Tech Digital Hub established in 2009. Leader in providing technologies in partnership with tech companies and incubators from all around the world. Ecods provides enterprise solutions to different industries starting from broadcasters, retailers, consumer goods, grocery retailers, and many others. “We are only interested in providing the best technologies and solutions to our markets. When we started the relationship with Signal 360 after having scouted every existing platform on a worldwide scale, we immediately found that Signal 360 with their patented solution is the best solution existing in the industry,” says Dragan Bozic CEO and Founder of Ecods. Ecods has offices in Milan Italy, but already has plans to expand to other European countries.
About Signal360
Signal360 is the leader in the proximity marketing industry and provides a patented, enterprise ready platform of beacons, SDK, and CMS to communicate with smartphones and mobile tablets. In addition, the system’s analytics engine processes massive amounts of data reported by smartphones to allow companies to refine their marketing messaging and location experience. Signal360 has corporate offices in the Flatiron neighborhood in NYC and has been delivering proximity marketing to smartphones and tablets since 2011. For more information, visit

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