How many iPhone users have Bluetooth ON?

Here at Sonic we were doing some research trying to find out what percentage of iPhone users in America have Bluetooth on. Why? Because iBeacons requires bluetooth on. If bluetooth is off, ibeacons dont work. There didnt seem to be any good answers online. So we decided, lets take it to the streets. After a trip to Staples for a sign we were out asking/pestering people on 28th Street in NYC.

All in all about 12% of the 45 people we stopped had bluetooth on. It was higher than we thought, but pretty close. Of course 28th and Fifth is not representative of all America. And furthermore our methods (talking to whoever would stop) are probably not the grounds for a comprehensive and bias free survey. But hey, it was kind of fun. And cold. But that one guy was pretty mean.

What does this mean for iBeacons?

How is Sonic Notify affected?

Checkout or wait for some more informative blog posts.

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