LAUNCH and Golden State Warriors

Sonic Notify was proud to be featured so prominently in this week's Beacon event in NYC, LAUNCH Beacons. Jason Calacanis (@jason) and the Launch crew did a great job. There was a great turnout of industry insiders, fresh startups and retailers all looking to learn more about the exciting world of beacons.

Our talk was co-hosted with Kenny Lauer, our great friend and VP, Digital & Marketing - Golden State Warriors.

Where were the success stories?

The primary question we had was where were the success stories? Something we are often asked by newly signed up clients is, why are you the only company with experience? It was startling that in the entire conference, while a lot of great points were discussed, our presentation was the only one about an actual successful deployment.

What does success look like?

  1. Key to Sonic Notify: Notify, Engage, Captivate
  2. 69% increase in ticket upgrade revenue after installation of beacons to drive upgrades
  3. 10% off merchandise drove increased sales at each of the three home playoff games
  4. A plan for three years of increasingly detailed and complex proximity marketing leading into the new Golden State Warriors stadium in downtown SFO.

Download the entire deck for the presentation here.

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