Me Too Beacons

It’s an interesting time to be the CEO of a Proximity Marketing company. After five years of creating and defining the space, the excitement about “all things beacon” is validating, it’s invigorating, it’s inspiring. Beacons finally have the spotlight they deserve and large brands now understand the need for proximity driven, contextual 1x1 messaging. The success that we have delivered for our clients proves that when implemented correctly, a beacon platform delivers meaningful ROI. As the excitement for beacons grows, competition in the space is good because it validates the technology. But, with all of the “me too” companies jumping in, there is also danger. ...more specifically, a need for clarification.
Something I keep hearing from potential clients is “ooh we tried beacons” or “I heard beacons are complicated.” The problem is the “me too” beacon companies, the folks jumping in because it seems like a simple hardware to deliver. What does it take to start a beacon company? Not much. Step one, purchase some BLE beacon devices from Alibaba and hard code the identifier. Step two, create a simple iOS app that detects the beacon and shows a piece of content. Step 3, market yourself as the best solution for beacons. Many of the new “me too” beacon entries are coming from already established companies that are tangentially related to the industry. For instance digital signage companies, location analytics companies, advertising networks and the like.

When I invented the technology that serves as the foundation of Signal360 (then Sonic Notify), I had a vision. I wanted to transform the customer experience, both our customer’s and our customers’ customer, by changing the way information was distributed. I understood that proximity was key, even though at that time I didn’t know what, and how much, I didn’t know. Now I can say, with great confidence, that our platform has evolved into something truly unique in the market. While others, including the “me toos” provide individual components, we have a complete platform and are the only provider who offers “audio and BLE beacons as a service.” We provide proprietary hardware, software, and a sophisticated CMS with complex business rules. And we also have a world-wide install network, and offer best-in-class ongoing service and maintenance. Everything needed to execute a proximity campaign, simply and effectively. Quite frankly, we are the real-deal. Other companies out there offer some parts of our solution, but if your core competency is not proximity marketing and you need a partner who can execute at scale with beacons and leave you to your competency, talk to Signal360. If you are looking for cheap beacons, building blocks for you to develop your attribution network etc then Signal360 is not for you.

Is our solution more expensive than some providers? Yes, in the short run. But our system is priced higher because we don't just provide beacons we provide a solution. A solution that delivers clear and repeatable ROI. Most of our clients see a 10x return in ROI. For example, our work with McDonald's shows an average Click Through Rate of 40% and a Promotion Acceptance Rate of nearly 15%. These are the results that a complete proximity marketing solution built on beacons can deliver.

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