Signal360 and Mousetrap Mobile Partner

Powering Proximity Technology at the 25th Annual ALSD Conference & Tradeshow

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 02, 2015 The Association of Luxury Suite Directors’ members represent the highest quality and value tier venues in the world, as are their vendors, suppliers and food and beverage concessionaires, also in attendance. This year, Mousetrap Mobile has partnered with Signal360 to showcase beacon technology to ALSD’s attendees. “Mousetrap Mobile is excited to launch beacons as part of our industry leading conference & event apps," says Gregory Nasto, president of Royal Oak, Michigan based Mousetrap Mobile. As Apple continues to evolve the iBeacon™ protocol, implementers of the technology such as the conference attendees have a unique opportunity to both leverage and benefit from new proximity technologies in an emerging market to drive real ROI, as well as help shape user response and behavior around the tech, and in turn, how it grows. Mousetrap Mobile has always been on the forefront of mobile technology, beacons will add new revenue opportunities for conference/event managers with their ability to enhance sponsor exposure and improve the guest experience. “Is there a more important component of the fan experience these days than the use of Mobile devices? Can you imagine what the world would be like these days without social media? Now, mobile devices and the technology incorporating in them are taking the venue experience to an altogether different level. We are excited to have Signal360 and Mousetrap Mobile showcasing this Beacon and Geofencing technology at this year's 25th ALSD conference.” Says Bill Dorsey, Chairman-Founder ALSD. The Golden State Warriors, who recently won the 2015 NBA Championship, have seen significant ROI across a number of use cases thanks to Signal360’s technology and platform. In addition to involving 7 of their corporate sponsors to drive varied beacon-based offers at games, they recouped their Signal360 platform costs halfway through the season solely through a ‘seat-upgrade’ use case, pinging fans at home games at the top of escalators asking if they would like to upgrade their seats. With the end of the season, updated and impressive ROI metrics are soon to be released that serve as a validator of the technology not just for Sports, but for Retail as well. For example, the average transaction value with a beacon delivered offer in Oracle Arena’s team store is 108% higher than value of a transaction without a beacon offer in the shopping basket. Signal360 has partnered with a number of professional sports teams across leagues ranging from the NHL to the NBA and with that will be able to power a variety of use cases in their upcoming seasons, including in their arenas’ Suite and Club areas. Powering the success of this application, Signal360 employs the use of iBeacon™, as a certified Apple iBeacon™ partner, Bluetooth Smart® for Android, and in conjunction, it’s proprietary and patented Sonic Audio technology to engage with smart-devices that may not have a Bluetooth® 4.0 capability and/or have their Bluetooth® turned on, ensuring that the maximum number of attendees are able to engage in the experience. Proximity marketing and the use of beacons to deliver content has been growing in popularity from awareness in the news with several high profile announcements. “The ALSD app was integrated and deployed with our system in an hour. The proximity marketing industry is heating up with lots of announcements of pending deals– Signal360 is the only company in production at scale because we understand what being enterprise-ready means and collaborate with strong partners like Mousetrap,” says Alex Bell, CEO and Founder of Signal360. About Mousetrap Mobile Mousetrap Mobile is a full service digital marketing agency residing in Oakland County, Michigan. Mousetrap's solutions include industry leading Conference & Event APP's, Association APP's, mobile strategy, text messaging, digital design and social media management. Mousetrap uses cutting edge technology and marketing strategy to deliver one the most comprehensive service offering in the Mobile industry. About ALSD The Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD) was established in 1990 to provide a single platform for member teams and venues with accurate and timely information from across all layers of the premium seat industry in stadiums and arenas throughout North America with a growing global reach. With its integrated marketing and advertising programs, the ALSD is also positioned to link buyers and sellers, including vendors, suppliers, and food and beverage concessionaires for the venue marketplace. About Signal360 Inc. Signal360 (formerly known as Sonic Notify) is the leading in-venue mobile notification platform for real-time proximity informed user engagement. Signal360 uses cross-platform patented inaudible-sound mobile notification technologies as well as the emerging BLE standard (full support for iBeacon™ and Android BLE) to wirelessly enable physical locations to reach mobile devices in real-time with highly-targeted contextual content based on a user’s location and interests. Signal360 has corporate offices in NYC, Austin, Charlotte, and Seattle, and has been delivering proximity marketing to smartphones and tablets since 2011. For more information Contact: Signal360 Lev Raslin lev(dot)raslin(at)signal360(dot)com Mousetrap Mobile Gregory Nasto greg(at)mousetrapmobile(dot)com

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