Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers = Signal360 vs Gimbal - A Revenue Challenge

Two Teams - Two Companies - A Challenge

While the sports world is watching the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers for who is the best team in basketball, the slightly less popular market of techies and developers are watching for the matchup between Signal360 vs Gimbal. Both companies are providers of proximity marketing, beacons, which transmit and connect to users smartphones. The companies are part of the emerging field of localized content which uses geolocation and physical devices to reach consumers devices at the point of purchase intent.

While retailers have long been the favorite use case for the technology, sports teams have in many cases shown to be the fastest movers in the space. Signal360 has over 10 professional teams in its platform and boasts teams making 10x revenue with up to 200,000 dollars per season in increased revenue in stadium from the system.

In order to make the series more interesting, we put forth a challenge. Each team will review and release how much revenue was tied directly to the beacon messaging. When compared on a per game basis, whoever the winner, Signal360 or Gimbal will have significant bragging rights with the NBA!

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