We are here at the Sears Dev Hackathon, Part 1 what to do

SearsDevChallenge has started in NYC @GGoley CIO #Sears says he wants to increase app usage in store. Good, thats what we will do.

Sears Opening: 1. We are a software company that has stores

  1. When consumers go to sears or use sears, they love us, and come back. Get users to interact with Sears

  2. We have a great app, but not a lot of downloads, give people a compelling reason to download and use the app in store

Apigee 1. Used by all the big retails: they must be good!

  1. BAAS is free until you hit 10MM pushes a month.

  2. Win this prize by storing data in their database

Foursquare 1. Everyone knows foursquare

  1. Lets you get pushes when one of your users checks in, didnt know that.

Mashery 1. APIs for everything

  1. Beats api lets you stream songs, thats cool

Micello 1. Was at Sears Hackathon in SF, now Sears is their biggest customer.

  1. Make indoor maps, apps and sdk. We should work together

Twilio 1. Voip, Text, etc

  1. I dont know how we are going to use this api, going to be a bit of a stretch.
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