20 Mins till presentation time at SearsDevChallenge

Would like to say we stayed up all night here in downtown NYC. But life intervened, maybe we are getting old. We still cranked for a good amount of time.

Alex is going to be presenting (showboat) and here are his notes. (REMEMBER ITS ONLY 3 Minutes for a Demo)

My startup Sonic Notify, makes all the pieces required for companies to deliver messaging to users smartphones in a specific location.

  1. George from Sears says he wants consumers to use the Sears app in store.
  2. Walking around the store get popups to show which deals you are closest to
  3. Map, shows where you are on the map This is for the Reviews and Purchase challenge. We used the Micello API for the maps and the Sears Deals API to find the closest apis.
  4. End of The World, sears has everything you need. So you can grab a list, share a list, etc and then it will only alert you to items that are on your list for the end of the world

Range Crib Map Map Again Range

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