Sonic Notify becomes Signal360

Sonic Notify Changes its Name to Signal360 as it Introduces Plans for New Products and Appoints Founder and Technical Inventor, Alex Bell, CEO

Company adopts new name to better communicate expanded product set that connectsconsumers and brands from couch-to-aisle

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Sonic Notify, Inc., a four year old New York City startup, has been providing a complete proximity marketing solution through its advanced beacon platform to large enterprise clients since 2011. The company is the leader in the enterprise space supporting multiple Fortune 100 & 500 customers via its platform of proprietary beacons, a SDK that supports both audio and BLE signals, and a comprehensive CMS. The company was founded by Alex Bell and Bell will now serve as the company's CEO. The name Signal360 better articulates the company’s vision; to provide the best-in-class proximity solution across multiple verticals, which includes Retail and Live Entertainment, but also across Television and other traditional broadcast mediums. For the first time, the broadcast capability enables a marketer to measure the full-circle attribution from their media spend for the spot to the in-store conversion by the consumer. “Our platform is designed so that each user gets specific, personalized messaging. We do this by utilizing our connection engine which gathers and chooses information based on interactions across websites, in store activity, apps, and even TV commercials the user has seen. We are excited about several upcoming product announcements including a groundbreaking TV offering and a more intuitive CMS,” says CEO Alex Bell. Alex Bell founded Signal360 immediately after graduating from Columbia University with an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering. While in school, Alex built a series of products which used passive cell tower connection data from smartphones to predict the location of NYC subways and busses. While presenting to Proctor and Gamble during that time, Alex made the connection between the beacons he had created to track buses and how they could solve P&G’s problem of communicating with users in an aisle. “I can look back to four years ago when Alex came to present to us at P&G, it was that vision that he and his company are so successfully executing on today, the ability to intelligently message and deliver marketing in aisle and beyond” says Michael Bott former Brand Manager at P&G. “From our perspective as investors, we look for and prefer companies led by technical founders. Alex is a perfect example of that reason, a maniacal focus on execution and product, thats why we have invested twice in him and his team” says lead investor Harry Demott of the Raptor group. “At Signal360 we have learned over four years what enterprise brands require to deliver proximity marketing intelligently and effectively. Our product is best in class because we have developed and refined the platform based on actual requirements of enterprise retailers. Our platform was created to extend proximity beyond the aisle, and to use consumer signals from web search, third party apps, television and more. I am proud of the platform that we have created and am committed to leading a team that will remain on the forefront of the proximity marketing space. Even with such great momentum in the business, I am more excited about our next four years than I was about the last,” says the newly minted CEO Alex Bell.

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