The Uber Button- When Taking Out Your Phone Is Too Much Work

by The Signal360 Team

Everyday in the life of a busy NYC startup, countless visitors leave our conference rooms and head for the elevator. It’s only when they reach the ground floor that they ask the questions, “Where is my next meeting, how long will an Uber take, and how much will it cost?” Our answer is the Uber Button, placed in the foyer of an office, it communicates with a user’s device and gets them moving quickly to their next meeting.



  1. Meeting is over, user presses button.
  2. Signal360 Universal Beacon inside button casing uses BLE or Audio to connect to Uber app on requesting users phone and retrieves user profile and default user product. User: Alex B and default product: UberX

  3. Button built in speaker announces estimated uber arrival time UberX will arrive in 4 minutes, double tap to request.

  4. User double taps button to request UberX


How It Works

  1. Signal360 Beacon in Button localizes only the user standing directly in front of button via BLE or Audio
  2. Uber APIs Query
    1. User Status for Preferred Product
    2. Available Products for a Lat/Long
    3. Time Estimate
    4. Request Uber with Current Location ( Upcoming Uber API)
  3. Button Hardware
    1. Networked Embedded Computer
    2. Single Button Input
    3. Signal360 Expansion Beacon

Bonus Round, Where The Prizes Really Matter:

Uber has app integration with Calendar:

“Based on current travel times you have 5 minutes to leave in order to make your next meeting. ” Foyer Button “An UberX can pick up in 4 minutes, current travel time to 59th and Park for your 4pm meeting is eighteen minutes, and the trip will cost approximately 13-21 dollars.”


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