Signal360 and The University Of Michigan Add Proximity Magic To The Big House

There is only one Big House and when it comes to college stadiums, it’s America's largest. The University of Michigan Athletic department is always looking to improve the experience for the 100,000+ loyal fans who attend each of its games. At the start of the season, Michigan decided to expand the proximity technology in its mobile application in order to deliver precise messaging to its fans throughout the facility. With only a few weeks before the first game, Michigan was referred to Signal360, the leading proximity marketing company with four years experience and a complete turnkey solution for proximity marketing. Integration was complete in just one week.
Starting with the Home Opener on Saturday, August 30 vs. Appalachian State, Michigan Athletics began delivering precise location based messaging to specific student section locations. During the season, the use cases may vary, but will include dynamic welcome and exit messages at Michigan Stadium specifically tailored to students who have downloaded H.A.I.L., the official Michigan Athletics Student Loyalty mobile application available for iOS, Android, and mobile web. Plans for the season include general merchandising and concession opportunities in addition to student experience interaction in-game. The Signal360 integration into H.A.I.L. created by SuperFanU will also provide the opportunity to deliver rewards and points to students at Michigan Stadium. Many of the use cases the University of Michigan Athletic Department will explore are only possible through the Signal360 system; specifically, messages being delivered based on specified dwell time allows a piece of content to be delivered only after a user has spent a specified amount of time an area, such as the concession stands. After Apple released the iBeacon technology standard over a year ago, it was met with a wave of enthusiasm, but limited use cases. While simple use cases are easily implemented, to implement at scale or for an enterprise, the physical beacon is just the beginning of the process. Signal360 makes beacon implementation easy for enterprises with its turnkey platform of beacons, SDK and CMS. Head of Product Development for SuperFanU, Chris Nowak, says “The Signal360 SDK was easy to implement and took just a matter of hours to get from download to sending and receiving notifications. They’ve built a fully-featured system that can be integrated into current programs easily in a very short amount of time.” SuperFanU is the developer of H.A.I.L., University of Michigan’s mobile loyalty program available for iOS, Android, and mobile web.
Signal360 has over 4 years of experience building proximity marketing solutions. With such a pedigree, only Signal360 understands and has built a complete system that an Enterprise brand truly needs to be successful. Its roster of Fortune500 companies and sports teams is a testament to the company’s work. “We are only successful when we make our clients successful. In this case, Michigan came to us with a passion for creating the best possible fan experience and a willingness to be creative to create a better experience. I wish all clients were as tech savvy and forward thinking as Michigan”, says Alex Bell, Founder and CEO of Signal360. Beacons are able to dramatically alter how organizations interact with their fans/ patrons. However, to be successful, organizations have to find the right partners. “We at Michigan were lucky to have been referred to Signal360 and their great team. We couldn't be more excited about this partnership and what we have planned.” says Jordan Maleh, Senior Director of Marketing for the Michigan Athletic Department.
About Signal360 Signal360, formerly known as Sonic Notify, is the leader in the proximity marketing industry and provides an enterprise ready platform of Beacons, SDK, and CMS to communicate with smartphones and mobile tablets. In addition, the system’s analytics engine processes massive amounts of data reported by smartphones to allow companies to refine their marketing messaging and location experience. Signal360 has corporate offices in the Flatiron neighborhood in NYC and has been delivering proximity marketing to smartphones and tablets since 2011. For more information, visit

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