May 22, 2012 . . Comments

All night hackathon to create the contagion

A bunch of us from the office decided to participate in the disrupt hackathon from saturday to sunday. Mostly because we thought it would be a good place to recruit, did we mention we are hiring?????. We decided when we got there to have some fun combining the sponsored api’s at the event and Sonic Notify. The result after 24 hours is

CONTAGION an iphone and web app which

gamifies and helps spread candid picture taking ( because people dont share enough.) 

The basic premise is this. You start up the Contagion iphone app. You select the button to start a new contagion. This turns your phone into a transmitter of the Sonic Notify code which “infects” phones around you who also have the contagion app. Infected phones take a picture every few seconds and post to the cloud. The screen doesn’t allow for the selecting of your images, instead the shots are entirely candid and the view for the user is everyones photos in the contagion.

Now the cool part comes when the web app comes into play. Currently it just graphs vs time the photos taken for each contagion. But what we invisioned was a picture in which you could see each contagion geographically and then as one person from contagion A met with contagion B, the two contagions would merge and so would the photo streams. 

So imagine you are at an event. You want to see whats happening in the front row or the balcony. You fire up Contagion and start a small pocket with the phones around you. But if a lot of people had the app, the contagion would spread throughout the space and create a whole snapshot of the event every few seconds.

We used Mobli for pictures, ATT Cloud Architect for the webapp, and City Grid for the local ads. A fun night. 

1. JOB is the best designer

2. The listview of your past contagions

3. The header is black, Oh No I have become infected.

4. Clicking into the contagion and I can scroll through all the pictures.

5. Web app