Sonic 4.0 - LIVE

December 12, 2012 . . Comments

Sonic Notify has released its SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) offering for any and all companies to use along with it’s retail, commercial and enterprise grade hardware and tools. We know it took a while, but rest assured, the wait was worth while.
Sonic Notify’s patent pending technology enables an data to be inserted into any audio environment imperceptible to the human ear. This data stream can be interpreted by any smartphone integrated witht he Sonic Notify SDK and can be used to deliver coupons and incentives in-aisle, interactive experiences in the live concert or sports space and second screen content through television.  

Sonic has released it’s SAAS offerings that range in price from $100 to $5,000 a month and can be activated and used today.  Sonic has also released their first hardware offerings today that enable the audio data to be inserted into any audio environment, they include:

Sonic Beacon (AC/Battery) - MSRP $15.00
A small battery or AC powered beacon that can be used to deliver the audio signal to a micro targeted location, for example an aisle a shelf in a super market.  The device range is 15ft for both the AC and Battery versions and the battery powered devices last for 4+ weeks on a single set of AA batteries.  These beacons are ideal for retail environments and conferences.

Sonic Mini - MSRP $500.00
The Mini is a device that inserts the Sonic signal persistently into an environment similarly to an AC powered beacon, however where it differs is that it provides a time indexed or measurable signal enabling the content creator to understand when someone encountered a signal exactly.  Furthermore it enables unique types of content to be delivered, specifically synchronized effects like light-shows and more at live events. The Mini is ideal for live sports events or concerts.

Sonic HD-SDI - Contact
A product specifically targeted at Television networks and broadcasters that is installed after playout usually in master-control.  It is a 4U rack mount stack that includes full fault tolerance, multi-redundant states and a global bypass to ensure signal quality.  During signal encoding it checks loudness and envelope room to ensure distortionless encoding and the delay is 1 Frame & 3 Lines. The HD-SDI unit is ideal for network and live event broadcasters.

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