Why is "Notify" in the name?: I don't like clicking on things.

February 18, 2012 . . Comments
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One commercial which I liked recently was the Nissan commercial with all the gas powered devices that usually run on electricity: like the guy with the gas toothbrush, gas computer etc. I love it because I can almost imagine the glorious noise and clatter that would be the Sonic office if all the iMacs were churning along.
But the commercial makes the point, imagine a world a different way. What I continuously think about is the world with the click versus the world without the click. Imagine a world where to check your email you clicked a button “Check Email.” What about phone calls? What if phones didn’t ring. Instead you had to be continuously polling to see if you had a phone call. Did a call come in? A call come in? A call come in? A call come in? A call come in? A call come in? ……

It’s ridiculous. You would occasionally check to see if you missed any calls. But by and large you wouldn’t use the phone.

The current Second Screen experiences are like a phone without a ringer, a world without pushes. Check in to a show. Press listen on my device. Launch an app. These are the kinds of things being asked of the consumer by the current Second Screen experience. As a consumer, you have already lost me. That’s why I think its critical that the Second Screen experience becomes a push experience.

So back to imagining a world. You are watching a DVR recording of the big bang theory on TBS and your iPad on the table buzzes. The iPad notificaiton states, “ who was Clerk Maxwell and is Sheldon correct about his creation of the laser” I pick up my iPad and now I am watching a short blurb video on Clerk Maxwell narrated by Sheldon. Engaging. Helpful. Like a phone that rings when you get a call.

By Alex Bell